Most men suffer from erection problems as they age. They find it hard in keeping their penis firm enough for intercourse or penetrating the vagina. About 30 million men all across the world are suffering from such problems. Cardiac disease, high blood pressure, high sugar, excessive stress and other age related ailments can be the underlying cause for such erection problems. It is important to get it treated on time for overall well being.
• How erection happens?
When the penis is not sexually stimulated, it is soft and limp. During the act of sexual arousal, there is an increase in the blood flow in the penis. There are two erection chambers which receives the blood as the smooth muscle relaxes in these chambers and lets the blood to stay. The blood which stays in the penis’ chambers helps in making it firm with its pressure, thus giving an erection. Once the orgasm is over, the blood flows back and the erection goes away. Erectile dysfunction treatment is possible through medications, injections and shockwave therapy. Read this article to find out more about erectile dysfunction treatment.
• Who can treat?
Men with difficulty in erection and other similar health issues must visit a Dubai urologist for their treatment. The specialist will treat the problem depending upon its severity with oral drugs, penile injections, vacuum devices, shockwave therapy etc.
• What are the emotional causes?
A person suffering from low self esteem and depression can easily develop this difficulty. Performance anxiety is another worrisome factor, which can cause this. Relationship conflicts and emotional problems related to one’s love life too can affect. Stress at home and office are also the underlying cause. Since sex needs both mind and body, any kind of emotional crisis can easily cause this problem.
• What are the physical causes?
The age is definitely a factor which affects sex life. With age certain ailments can develop, which are diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, smoking, drugs or alcohol abuse, obesity, lack of physical exercises and cardiovascular diseases.
• How is the treatment initiated?
A physical health checkup is undertaken which involves checking the penis, testicles and blood pressure. Rectal exam is also taken up to check the prostate. These tests help in giving useful information about the specific cause. A series of blood tests are also done along with urine tests. Other tests involve testing the blood vessels, muscles, nerves, tissues of penis and pelvic area. Nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) or erections during sleep will tell if blood supply and nerves are all working properly or not.