Free time is something a lot of people crave, and if you’re given that you should consider yourself extremely lucky. As much as we’d all love to watch TV on our couch all day, this free time calls for trying out different things and opening up different sides of you! Take out your favorite note pad and make a list of all the things you want do before you run out of the free time you’ve been granted. Listed below are a few ideas!

Pick up a hobby or two

First and foremost, get yourself a hobby. Whether it’s working out at a fitness centre or painting sceneries, whatever you feel is ideal for you. You can try out several different things before sticking to one or two, and who knows, you might actually find yourself to be one of the best painters or dancers in town! Cooking and trying out new dishes is another exciting option.


Socializing is a great way to meet new people, share opinions and even learn new things. There are several clubs and events that allow all the socializing you desire. If you’re an extrovert, this is your time! Making new friends is something everyone loves doing! By joining classes and putting yourself out there, you will eventually improve your people and social skills.

Join a few classes

Try out new things by joining a few classes. Visit a place that gives you nutrition training so that you can widen your knowledge about healthy living and start abiding by what they teach you. Join a dance class if you feel like that’s what you’ll enjoy! The number of options available to you in numerous, so make the maximum use out of this. Don’t worry about embarrassing yourself!


You’ll find yourself quite surprised with what you might find if you go exploring. Whether it’s in your own city or the next, going exploring is ideal if you want your adventurous side to shine. Pack a picnic, get your backpack, a map and do it in the most old school way possible. Doing this together with someone you enjoy being with will make it extra fun! You’re bound to find amazing things when you go exploring, so doing this during your free time sounds about right.

These are the easiest and most affordable things you can do when you have free time! Other options are definitely travelling, going on road trips and even if you want to, doing an extra part-time job. Whatever floats your boat!