Just imagine losing a portion of your savings to buy fake tickets for a big game. You’ve not only lost the money, but you have also missed a one of a kind opportunity to witness a game live. So here are a few tips for you to stay away from scalpers and obtain genuine tickets.

1. Ask your friends

Friends who have connections with the organizers are the best source of getting your ticket. Ask around and check if they have a few spare. If you don’t have an immediate friend, try your social networks. You can surely find someone. Put up a Facebook status asking for a ticket. There is a high possibility that someone would reply.

2. Peer-to-peer social ticketing

There are official sites that will let people put up tickets for sale. These sites restrict sale above the face value and hence you need not worry about any black market pricing. Also, since the seller will directly communicate with the buyer, there will be no intermediaries and hence you will be guaranteed of a genuine ticket with no additions to the price. You could buy MUFC tickets for the original price.

3. Random on Facebook

Random people and groups on Facebook can be a good source. For example, if there is a separate fan page or group for Arsena, there could be people with a spare ticket for you. Just do a random search and try to ask a couple of people in such groups. If it’s your lucky day, you might be able to find some Arsenal FC tickets.

4. Don’t buy from scalpers

Scalpers are people who buy the tickets on the sole purpose of re-selling and then sell them at a higher price. There is a high chance that you tend to buy from a scalper at the event, but don’t. Scalpers are not people who will go for the event. They simply buy and sell tickets. So you’d rather buy a ticket from a person who will go for the event. Just ask a few random people if they have extras.

5. Check the tickets

Check the tickets well, before you spend your hard-earned money. Make sure you know how the original ticket looks like so that a scalper will not be able to fool you. The best thing you could do is ask for all tickets and see if there are any differences in the design. Also check for any repeating barcode number, which means they are most probably fakes.

6. Ask the seller to walk you to the venue

If the seller is hesitant to walk you, he is probably selling fakes. Such people normally stay away from the venue since it is illegal for third parties to involve in the ticketing process. You could save your money for a genuine ticket.