If you are planning on opening a new hotel or even renovating the existing one, there are a few areas that you really need to focus on. These areas are such that most customers would look forward to and will also decide if they loved the stay and would definitely return.

1. Lobby

The lobby is the area your guests would first step into when visiting your hotel. They say that it won’t take even three seconds to form a first impression and this is nearly impossible to change. Hence keeping the lobby at its best is very important. Hire an amazing architect so that you could plan out exactly how you want your lobby to look like. Make sure you insert a large eye-catching element such as wooden carvings, arches, waterfall, wall-paintings etc. so that it would give that ‘wow’ effect which would attract your visitors. The lobby is not the area you wait at anymore till your room is being ready. It has become a place that people would sit down for a chat over coffee. So make sure you have ample seating space too.

2. Technology

People nowadays are very tech savvy who use many modern gadgets and will carry some of those with them while traveling. Hence make sure the rooms have all facilities such as plug points, multi-plugs, wireless internet etc. You could also have HD television, on demand music and movie library or even a cable connection. Modern people are always looking forward to connect with the world and hence such technological facilities are vital.3. Beds and bedding

What’s the point of checking into a hotel if you cannot get a good night’s sleep? It is quite obvious that people would expect a comfortable and cozy bed that could dose off easily. Use a high quality luxury mattress in every room since you cannot compromise with comfort and quality. Linen sheets and bedding would be the best choice since they not only feel soft, but look soft too which would then give a very good impression on your rooms.

4. Room furniture

You guests would sometimes want more than just a place to sleep. Hence, a luxury bed mattress would not be adequate. Add a work desk with some extra shelves for books, magazines and laptop so that they could transform the room into a little ‘office away from office’.

5. Lighting

You could do wonders with lighting if used right. Make sure to apply lighting effectively according to the place and mood you want to set. You can insert large chandeliers in the lobby for that grand and dramatic look. Bright and direct lighting should be put up at areas where work takes place such as reading, writing etc. Dim lighting is for relaxing areas such as TV room, spa etc. You could also use colourful and decorative lighting at certain areas that you would specifically want to draw attention of the guests.