Tourism is one of the most important fields in a country because a country can earn a lot and benefit for them from these tourists that come on an annual basis. That is the reason why all the countries do their best to attract and impress the tourists from different countries but however when a foreigner visit to our country for the first time then they don’t have much ideas about our country and they face so many other issue to face here. For example, they might not know the names of hotel or accommodations, they might have language issues, they might not know the actual costs of that country and they have so many similar issues. Therefore to avoid this problem and to make ourselves more comfortable we need the help of some in that country, who has full knowledge and experiences about that country.

Generally, when we say tourist guides we all know that they have to know the country well and they should have communication skills, language skills and patients etc. earlier day’s tourists agents are practically skilled and well experienced. But nowadays, there are professional tourism studies which have to be done by the tourist agents in order to get authorized in that field. This the reason why tourists expect professional tourist guides because they only know that how to handle the foreigners technically. Especially when we find well-established professional tourist agents, they can give us the best Dubai tour deals which we cannot get from ordinary tour guides.
Moreover, we can see that most of the tourist places give special offers and facilities to the tourists who come from foreign countries. But the thing is that the tourist agents only know about this special offers and best services. Also the different countries tourists have different tastes, but professional tourist agents well know about these all because they have educated on this field. Therefore by finding professional guides, we can get special traveling facilities, special discounts in shops and malls, five star accommodations in lesser price, best foods and buffet deals and all other special services etc.

This is the reason why the tourists’ boards of the countries have appointed well skilled and experienced people as tourist guides who knows all the information about that particular country. We can see that there are so many tourist agents in our society who helps foreigners to guide them. Also these tourist agents work as an ambassador of a country who can attract the tourists by using their skills and the resources in that country.