Most people dream of the day that they will be able to go off to college and live the dream life for as long as they can remember, the life that they have seen in the movies, in their favourite television shows and read about in their favourite books. There is no doubt that you have some idea about the university or universities that you want to apply to one day however, it gets a little more complicated than that. It is important for you to keep in mind that this is your future at stake and that is not simply about attending a prestigious university but it is also about choosing the university that will go best with what you want to study.

Choose your field of study

As such, it is important for you to choose your field of study before you choose your university and then work from there to look for the best universities that offer those subjects. Many universities will require you to follow the IELTS examination to prove how fluency of the English language and for this, you will need to follow a IELTS preparation course in Dubai well ahead of time in order to prepare yourself and make yourself comfortable with the requirements of the exam.

In terms of the actual content of the examination, you should do perfectly if you are already fluent in the English language. Those with a high level of English have managed to get top marks for IELTS and have always claimed that the exam is very basic. However, do not let this fool you in to avoiding the preparation course as one of the notable challenges of the IELTS exam and other exams like it is the lack of timing to finish the paper. TOEFL preparation course in Dubai will train you from a similar angle. For the most part, these preparation programmes will teach you how to work within the given time frame and will give you tips and tricks to enhance your timing and shortcuts to achieve the goal within the given time.

Most universities will be famous for a particular course of study and you may even find that some countries are more popular for a certain course of study than other countries. If you have already decided on going overseas to a particular country, then you will need to find a university within that country that has the capability of giving you optimum education in the field that you are looking at studying. In fact, it is far better for you to study at a lesser known university that is known for your course of study than a higher end university that has a general focus.